NOG Energy Week Strategic Conference

NOG Energy Week Strategic Conference

NOG Energy Week 2024 will focus on the strategies that will be employed by the Nigerian government and private sector leaders to navigate the emerging business environment – helping to set the nation’s energy agenda for the next 12 months and beyond.

The arrival of the global pandemic led to a disparity in supply and demand of hydrocarbons, a drop in oil price and an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitudes. This introduced new vulnerabilities to the main contributor to Nigeria’s Government revenues.

Oil continues to be one of the major sources for power generation. However, increasing global investment into cleaner sources of energy, volatility of oil price and the awaited clarity on the legislative framework for oil and gas production in Nigeria all highlight the need for a more diverse energy mix.


The NOG Energy Week Strategic Conference will review Nigeria’s positioning within the evolving global energy landscape, with a focus on emerging opportunities to transform the energy industry through robust legislation, technology and innovation, in-country capacity development and actualize energy sufficiency targets.

Key Topics Include

Attracting International & Regional Funding into Nigeria's Energy Sector

Optimising the Significance of Natural Gas as the Fuel of Choice

Addressing the Challenges Impacting Increased Oil & Gas Production

Driving Industrialisation as a Catalyst for Economic Growth

Increasing Local Content Utilisation & Identifying New Opportunities

Sc Testimonial

“NOG is a good platform for engagement with domestic players and international players. It is a lot of recognition for what you are doing and that’s why you can see a lot of participation across the board. I went to the hall, and I saw the exhibition and it was very impressive. You guys keep up the good work.”


“It is always a delight being here at NOG, this is my 7th one. You come here, and you have to appreciate the quality of the people who come to talk at NOG. In terms of organisation, NOG is top quality all the time.”


“Once again, proven to be the most widely regarded and attended industry event in Nigeria, where all objectives on attendance and participation are evidently met.”

The Meeting Place For Nigerian And International Oil & Gas Industry For Over 20 Years.